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Fall Themed iPad Case

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  • Tools & Supplies:

    • Brown Leather Folio Case
    • Card Stock
    • Curly Tree Stencil
    • Disposable Gloves
    • Gold Rhinestones 3mm
    • Masking Tape
    • Rhinestone Applicator
    • Spray Mount Repositonable Adhesive
Fall Themed IPad Case


  1. Place dark paper behind the stencil and photocopy it. Flip the stencil and take another copy so you’ll also have a reversed image. 

  2. Use masking tape to mark the vertical center of the iPad case front. 

  3. Align the left and right images horizontally on your work surface leaving 9 7/8” between the bottom branches. 

  4. Mark the vertical center of the right facing image (bird facing right). Place tracing paper over the two images and draw a curve that extends from one tree trunk to the other.  Using the curls on the tree stencil as a guide, also draw one curl for the outside bottom of each tree.  Trace the vertical center line.

  5. Using a craft knife and your drawing, cut a stencil out of card stock that will connect the two tree images.

  6. On a protected surface, open the iPad case flat. Spray the back of the stencil with adhesive and attach it to the iPad case, matching the vertical center lines.

  7. Mix a little red with the green paint to achieve the olive green color and add white to lighten it if your case color is dark.  Cover areas that won’t be painted.  Airbrush the stencil with the olive green. When the paint is dry, remove the cardstock stencil.

  8. Apply adhesive to the back of the tree stencil and center it on the front panel of the case in between the painted curved line and the curl.

  9. Rip off pieces of masking tape to cover all the leaves and the bird. Airbrush the tree. Allow it to dry.

  10. Remove tape from leaves to be painted copper and airbrush the open spaces. Cover the painted tree areas with pieces of card stock, moving them around as needed while you work.

  11. Continue to remove tape and paint the yellow leaves, then the gold leaves. Be sure to cover leaves that are already painted to avoid overspray. Mix a little white paint with the mocha to paint the bird.

  12. Remove the tree stencil and clean the paint from it with acrylic cleaner.  Apply adhesive to the cleaned side and arrange it sticky side down on the back panel of the case between the painted curved line and the curl. Mask off all the branches and leaves on the right side of the stencil except the very top one.

  13. Repeat steps #9 through #11 to finish painting the case. Remove the tree stencil.

  14. Apply 3mm gold rhinestones to branches using a rhinestone applicator.  

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